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Summer Special 2022

With some space in the timetable over the summer, I thought it would be fun to bring back some CHOREO ROUTINES.

Fun choreographed Pole Flow routines. Each routine will be learned across 2 weeks to allow you plenty of time to practice and perform.

These are different from the "Floor&Flow" classes in that they integrate spins and simple tricks, are tightly choreographed to the music, and only include minimal floorwork. (F&F focuses on heels technique and transitions, sensual movement, floorwork, and is only loosely linked to the music).

Suitable for Improvers and above. You should have a basic step-up climb, seat, fan kick, and spins such as front/back hook, and genie/attitude, to enjoy this class!

Heels optional for the final run-throughs and for your own enjoyment. Kneepads recommended but not essential.

20th + 27th July - SUPERMASSIVE BLACK HOLE More to come across the summer! Watch this space!

Example routine from our last Pole Flow Routine Class:


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