Terms & Conditions / Class Rules


We want to keep you safe and for everyone to enjoy their classes at 360 Pole Dancing. In order for this to happen we have certain rules which ask every student to follow.


Terms and Conditions

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☆ You must be OVER 18 to attend 360 Pole Dancing classes. You must be generally physically fit with no medical contraindications. Our Pole Dancing classes are not suitable for pregnant ladies.

☆ DO NOT BE LATE. The studio is open for arrivals 15 minutes before class start time. There is NO ADMITTANCE to the studio once the published class start time has passed. No refunds/credits will be issued for missed classes due to lateness for any reason.


☆ ALL classes must be PAID FOR IN ADVANCE (via the online booking system, or at your previous class at the studio). We do not offer any pay-on-the-day or drop-in style classes. Online and bank payments must be cleared into our account before your class can take place.


☆ ALL Payments to 360 Pole Dancing are NON-REFUNDABLE.


☆ Classes must be cancelled before 10am on the day of the class via EMAIL or TEXT to rearrange for another day/time. Late cancellations and non-attendance will result in forfeit of class payment. DO NOT USE FACEBOOK or other social media to cancel your classes.


☆ Single PAYG class payments expire after 1 month. PAYG Classes bought in a set of 5 (or other discounted set) expire after TWO months (by date). Classes may not be moved-up/rolled longer than this period. Special and one-off classes may be subject to different cancellation policies.

☆ Beginners Courses: Your class will take place at the same time each week for 6 consecutive weeks. Late cancellations or no-shows will cause your class to be lost/forfeited. If you cannot attend your class, you must inform us before 10am on the day of your class, to transfer to a different Beginners Course class within the *same week* (subject to availability), or to transfer to a Beginners PAYG class before your next scheduled class (subject to availability). Any transfers are at the discretion of 360 Pole Dancing. 

☆ We DO NOT offer "drop-in" or "walk-in" classes. Please do not come to the studio without making a booking.


☆ You will not be permitted to take part if the instructor believes you to be intoxicated or under the influence of drugs. No refund will be given.


☆ 360 Pole Dancing reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice. In the event that any changes are made, the revised terms and conditions shall be posted on this website immediately. Please check the latest information posted herein to inform yourself of any changes.


[Updated 29th March 2018]



Class Rules


☆ Follow the directions of your instructor at all times.

☆ Allow the instructor to fully explain and demonstrate moves before attempting them.

☆ Remain quiet and listen while the instructor is addressing the class.

☆ Take turns if you are sharing a pole with a fellow student.

☆ Do not attempt any move that you feel is out of your ability.

☆ Do not attempt any move that you have not been instructed in by 360 Pole Dancing. If there are specific moves that you would like to try, please inform your instructor. Do not attempt new moves without the direct supervision of your instructor.

☆ Do not accept instruction from fellow students in class. (This applies both ways, do not attempt to show another student a new trick or skill in class)

☆ Stand clear of the pole when it is not your turn, or when moves are being demonstrated by the instructor.

☆ Do not apply moisturiser, lotion, fake tan or oil to your skin on the day of the class. They can transfer to the pole and make it dangerous for you and also anyone else using the pole. You may be asked to sit out from your class.

☆ Jewellery must be removed. Remove all rings (including wedding rings), watches, and bracelets before using the pole. Any jewellery not able to be removed must be covered with tape.

☆ Wear suitable attire to all classes. It's best to wear something comfortable, but form-fitting. Shorts are required so your legs can grip the pole.

☆ Inform the instructor immediately if you believe the pole to be loose, or if you have any concerns about it.

☆ Cleaning products will be provided to keep the pole free of grease. Check the pole before your turn to avoid slipping.

☆ Take care of your own belongings, 360 Pole Dancing cannot be held responsible for any items brought to the studio.

☆ Return pole cleaning cloths and products to the bucket at the end of class. Tidy up after yourself.

☆ No chewing gum.

☆ Leave your baggage, attitude, bad mood, work day, stresses, at the door.




[Updated 8th December 2015]

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