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These classes are suitable for students who have completed a Beginners' and Beginners' Plus Course, or have at least 2-3 months of previous pole experience.

Improvers (and other classes above Beginner Level) are Pay-As-You-Go and not run in courses. 


The skills in these classes will complete your repertoire of upright spins, and prepare you for inverting (going upside down!). 

You will learn:
New spins. 
Variations/progressions of previous spins. 
Spin combinations. 
New seats and climbs.
Upright pole poses. 
Basic invert conditioning and confidence.

Handstands and Headstands.
And loads more!

We would expect students to attend this class regularly for 6-9 months before moving up to Intermediate Level.


Gain your "Upside Down" CERTIFICATE in this class!

Improvers FLOOR & FLOW.
The first class of each month is "Floor & Flow" where we wear high heels and work on dance movement, sequences, floorwork tricks, and transitions to feel more confident wearing heels while dancing, and learning to link moves!
In Improvers F&F we will learn more complicated foot and hand-work, floor-to-pole and pole-to-floor transitions, and our first floorwork tricks.
F&F is marked on the booking system, and in your booking reminder.
Bring your HEELS. KneePads/Legwarmers optional.

Class details




Monday 7:30pm

Wednesday 9pm *NEW*
Thursday 6pm

Class length:



Class Pass: 5 Classes for £60. Must be used within 42 days. Please purchase on Bookwhen.


Rearrange/transfer your class via BOOKWHEN up to 24 hours before the class with no penalty. If you do not cancel/rearrange prior to the 24 hours you will lose the payment for the class.
Payments to 360 Pole Dancing are non-refundable. 

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