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Beginners PLUS - 6 Week Course

This is a SIX WEEK set of lessons designed to directly follow the Beginners course.


Beginners PLUS is run in the same class as Beginners, where Students repeat the course to recap and refresh the moves, with variations and progressions of each skill to challenge you!

You will learn:
Progressions of strength work. 
New variations and exits to the beginner spins. 

More difficult versions of poses and holds. 
A different ROUTINE! 


You will receive a CERTIFICATE on completion of the course in week 6.


Your course is held at the same time each week for 6 weeks.


The course must be paid for in advance and is non-refundable.

Course Start Dates:

Jan 2024

Mon 8th Jan 9pm (Instructor Robyn)

Tuesday 9th Jan 6:30pm (Instructor Amy)
Wednesday 10th Jan 6pm (Instructor Robyn)

Wednesday 10th Jan 9pm (Instructor Robyn)

Please note that you will be required to arrive 10 minutes before class start time. Latecomers after the published class start time will not be admitted to the studio.


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Class details


£72.00 (six classes)


Mon 8th Jan 9pm

Tuesday 9th Jan 6:30pm
Wednesday 10th Jan 6pm

Wednesday 10th Jan 9pm

Class length:



Payments are non-refundable or transferable.
Classes expire after 6 weeks. 
You will attend at the same time each week. If you cannot attend, please text/email (not Facebook) as a courtesy to your instructor.

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