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Guest Workshop - Sarah Blackmilk

Sarah Blackmilk is a UK based slinkster, instructor, performer, judge, and mesmerising movement enthusiast. She has been dancing for 7 years, and is known for her fluid sultry style, sexy flexy floor shapes, and her ability to effectively translate and troubleshoot technique for all students and levels of experience.

360 will be hosting TWO workshops on Sunday 24th April (The day after our studio show - make a weekend of it!)

2:30pm - Making Shapes (Floorwork) Sarah has focused on positioning, balance points, lines and extension, and creativity, for the floor balances and poses she performs and teaches. For this class, Sarah concentrates on control and balance rather than flexibility, to showcase the beautiful shapes we can make with our bodies. In this class you will discover how to make your shapes just as striking off the pole as on, perfect in preparation for upcoming routines and photoshoots. 90 mins - All Levels. Heels or socks are recommended for this class, kneepads are advised.

4:15pm - Slinkography (Ground-based Pole Choreo) Sarah will teach you her unique style of smooth and controlled sensual choreography, focussing on musicality, fluidity, hairography, and glidework, to move effortlessly across the floor and slink around the base of the pole. No aerial moves included. 90 mins - All Levels.

Heels are preferred for this class, kneepads are advised.


[no refunds - however you may sell your space to a friend of you cannot make it]


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