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Coronavirus Studio Policies July 2022

360 Pole Dancing – Updated Coronavirus Information and Policies July 2022

Hopefully we've seen the end of any Covid restrictions, but Covid is still around, and while most of our studio policies have been removed, some of them will remain in place as they worked so well for general classes! [document updated 18/07/2022]

  • It is expected of you to be taking account of your health before coming to the studio for your classes each week. It is your responsibility to consider whether you may be infectious to other students, whether it be a cold, flu, covid, or any other transmissible disease, before attending.

  • Face coverings are no longer required.

  • All group classes will now be for a maximum of 12 students, so 2 sharing per pole maximum.

  • Each pole will continue to have its own cleaning station containing disposable blue roll and alcohol spray. Please clean your pole before and after each class.

  • Our PAYG class cancellation policy will remain at 24 hours before the start time of your class. Classes cancelled for any reason (including covid/illness) after the 24 cut-off point will be forfeit.

  • Discounts for PAYG classes are back. £10 off when you buy 5 classes within a 6 week period. This is automatically applied at checkout. (if you do not want to be time-restricted, please purchase fewer than 5 classes at once).

  • Classes are now back to the full time of 75 minutes with 15 minute break between. However please do not arrive more than 10 minutes before your class, and please leave promptly afterwards.

  • The studio “lockers” and storage boxes, are back in use. Please keep your stuff tidy!

  • Please remove your shoes in the changing area before moving onto the main studio floor.

  • The studio’s yoga mats, bricks and other shared equipment are available for use again. However you may still prefer to bring and use your own.

  • Fabric cloths are available one-per-person. Please drop these in the hamper by the door when you leave.

360 Pole Dancing will continue to:

  • Follow and promote compliance with any current Government guidance.

  • Clean and sanitise the studio regularly.

  • Provide clean and fresh pole cleaning cloths for each participant.

  • Provide cleaning materials for students to sanitise their own equipment before and after their class.


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