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Finding Your Freestyle - Tracee Kafer Workshop - 6th Dec 2019


Friday 6th December.


Finding Your Freestyle

Enjoy an immersive Friday night with Tracee Kafer of Finding Your Freestyle! Wear your favorite thing to move in, bring a notebook for those bursts of creative insights you’ll want to remember later, and a curious mind and body for a deep dive into the art of freestyle. You’ll leave creatively satiated, with some new practical applications to begin integrating into your movement immediately.

Perhaps you don’t invest enough time in your freestyle practice, or maybe you already love it and do it often, but you want a fresh approach! This experience is designed to give you the tools to find more freedom in your freestyle, and to explore movement with more creativity, connectivity, and play. Explore with more confidence in your own body and define how YOU love to move in a supportive environment focused on the individual and the collective enjoyment of dance. In this class you will go through a guided warm-up and moving meditation followed by assignments designed to enhance body awareness and emotional and physical expression, and evolve the way you approach and interact with your pole. Learning to experience freestyle as a dedicated practice is a personal investment in transforming your mind, body, and spirit on and off the pole.

This is a TWO HOUR workshop.


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Dance was a first love for Tracee Kafer, who started at the innocent age of 3. Many moons later, with over 28 years of training and experience in multiple genres and over a decade of teaching, performing, and choreographing, she has now turned passionately to improvisational movement to feel truly untethered from genre, style, convention, and apparatus. She believes that if you can move, you can dance, and in honoring that process as a life practice, you can live in a world of personal evolution, community, and freedom.

Tracee created Finding Your Freestyle® (FYF) in 2011, a movement and lifestyle enterprise that encourages freedom in movement, expression, creativity and community. Tracee facilitates workshops and intensives in the FYF method internationally, and has fostered a global community of “freestylers” who regularly utilize the modalities created by FYF in their own movement, creative endeavors, and life practices. In the last 4 years, Tracee has hosted immersive movement retreats in New York, Sedona, San Diego, and Costa Rica.

Tracee also founded and co-directs the pole dance improvisational-based company Pole Speak (with co-director Jess Linick), which emerged out of techniques from FYF combined with the unending quest to master the artistic language of pole dancing.

A true inspiration addict, with an insatiable appetite for both the cerebral and esoteric, Tracee is also a tarot and crystal healing enthusiast, Reiki practitioner, certified Floor Flow® instructor, practicing meditator, bibliophile, and digital nerd.

Additionally, with a degree in Advertising, Tracee also has a career in creative design and marketing and is currently the Creative Director for the world-renowned pole and aerial dance studio, Body & Pole.

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