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Leah Rose Clarke Workshops 12th November 2017

Workshops at 360 Pole Dancing with the Welsh Beauty LEAH ROSE CLARKE! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 1:30pm: BOTTOM HEAVY: Bottom Third Pole work Why go to the top when you can do so much at the bottom? Leah is known for her low pole style and in this workshop she will teach you some of her favourite bottom third transitions. Can include spins, splits, lifts and lots of sliding. To get the most out of this workshop, students should be able to shoulder roll (backwards/forwards roll) and invert – heels not needed 90 mins / £35pp ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 3:30pm EROTIC EXOTIC: Sexy Pole routine Leah’s most in demand workshop! Grab your heels and get ready to slide your way up, down and around the pole. Learn one of Leah’s super-hot exotic inspired routines. With lots of low flow & sultry movements which can add new elements to your dance, this workshop will have you walking out a hot mess. To get the most out of this workshop, students should be able to shoulder roll (forwards/backwards roll) and know basic transitions/spins. Don’t forget to bring heels (or socks for sliding) and kneepads! 90 mins / £35pp ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Leah Rose has been a regular on the pole scene for quite some time, she was a finalist in Pole Theatre Paris Pro Classique Category and Pole Theatre UK Pro Classique Category in 2017 and has won two major titles in national competitions over the years. As an XPERT Trainer and a competitive pole dancer Leah has an insight to all styles of pole. Even though she is known for her slinky fusion Leah understands the importance of breaking down each move and sharing knowledge to be able to progress and develop. Leah took the leap this year into full time teaching and owns her studio Chrome Roses Pole Dance in Cardiff. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ BOOKING Spaces not reserved without full payment. All students must register their details on: Booking online incurs a small additional charge. Bank transfer or cash payment (in the 360 studio) has no charge. Please email to request details for bank transfer. ALL PAYMENTS ARE NON-REFUNDABLE [If you subsequently unable to attend, you are welcome to sell your space on, please inform us of any changes] *** Please do not send FB messages regarding workshop bookings - email only ***

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