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Freestyle Club - 6th July 2016

Freestyle Club - Wednesday 6th July 2016 6pm UNITED POLE ARTISTS "BRINGING SEXY BACK" SPECIAL For students who love to dance! What use are all those skills you've learned if you can't ENJOY using them! As long as you've got a little pole knowledge (beginner students welcome), and the desire to move your body - you will love this class. Sexy never left... Freestyle improves your stamina and endurance, it's actually one of our most cardio-challenging classes! It makes you feel free. It allows you to express yourself. It helps you learn about how your body moves. Lose yourself... You might find yourself... The thought of this class might make you feel horribly uncomfortable - but how will you improve without DOING? The only way you can get better at freestyle is to MOVE, to make mistakes, but to leave them behind and keep moving! £5 REQUIREMENT: Everyone must submit at least 1 song choice. Send your song choices/ideas well in advance!

Strictly limited spaces! Book online: www (or bring cash to the studio in advance) In the style of "FIGHT CLUB" ;) The first Rule of Freestyle Club is; you must talk about Freestyle Club. The second rule of Freestyle Club is; you MUST talk about Freestyle Club. 3rd rule; if you trip or mess up, style it out and keep going. 4th rule; only one dancer per song, no tag-teaming. 5th rule; one dancer per pole. 6th rule; shorts and shoes only. (and a top obvs) 7th rule; the dance will go for as long as the song does. 8th rule; if this is your First time at Freestyle club, you have to dance! REQUIREMENT: Everyone must submit at least 1 song choice. Send your song choices/ideas well in advance! ANYTHING GOES. If you want to trick out, go for it. If you want to roll about on the floor, go for it. If you want to just bodywave for the whole 8 minute extended mix of your favourite song - DO IT. At the beginning of the class, we'll go through some basic transitions and dance moves to get you in the mood, then experiment with some different STYLES and play some "games" to break some barriers - then we'll crack on with the song choices. If you want to dance FOR the group to practice your performance skills, that's cool. But usually everyone will join in! BE FREE

Book online: www

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