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Spring Show - 11th April 2015

After the success of our first show, it's definitely time to do it all again! Performances from current students of all levels and instructors. Doors open from 6:30pm, show from 7-ish. Shouldn't be later than 8:30 finish, but the bar will be open later for the unofficial after-party. Tickets are just £5 (plus booking fee on the website, no fee in cash). profits will go to the studio equipment fund. Show is IN THE STUDIO. There will be a cash bar, so bring your munnies! Limited seating, but plenty of floor mats to put your butts! I would love to see as many of you attending as possible! See what your classmates have been working on, and get inspiration to maybe put a routine together yourself in the future! Please invite your friends and family to see what pole with 360 is all about! It's not a show without an audience, so we need to you to invite people! I will also need VOLUNTEERS to help with the show! Ticket sales/door management Runners Fire stewards Pole cleaners Stage Management (my husband usually does this, but if anyone has experience of this, that would be great!) Music/DJ Photographer/Video Recording Hair/Makeup to get everyone looking fabulous! Anyone who can help out with lighting/sound etc. ANY IDEAS or SUGGESTIONS AT ALL to make this really fun and fabulous will be gratefully received! PERFORMERS WANTED! All of our students invited to perform! We can help you with your routines. Beginners to Advanced. Singles/Doubles/Groups. If you have any other skills, we'd love to see those too!

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