Beginners - Taster Class

We run taster classes several times throughout the year (Approximately every 6 weeks). You can experience what we offer in beginners' pole dancing lessons and decide if pole is for you.


You will learn a selection of spins and transitions that feature in the beginner level course. At the end of the lesson you will have the opportunity to sign up for the next 6-week Pole Dancing Course.


If you're keen to start, why not book a PAYG Beginners' Pole Class: every Thursday 9pm.

Next Taster Classes will be:



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Class details





Class length:

1h 15min


Payments are non-refundable or transferrable, once booked, you are committed to that session.

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XPERT is a professional teacher training and a continuing education course. Participants receive a certificate indicating that they have successfully completed the 16-hour course and passed the written and practical exam portions of the training. 

Certified as an approved pole dance school by the Pole Dance Community.


Representing the highest level of professionalism and teaching quality.