We've gone online!

It looks like we won't be allowed to use the studio for at least a couple of months yet, but it's important that we keep our PoleFamily together, and keep moving. We've got a selection of classes available for you to join at home, whether you have a pole or not.

Every class you pay for helps pay the studio rent and bills, so even if you can only join in once in a while, it's really appreciated!

Floorwork Flow Mondays 6:30pm. £5. Beginners welcome! no pole required. Requires approx 6ftsq space (but some people have less and it works ok). We'll learn a sequence of floorwork moves, linking them all together and learning a couple of new skills each week. It's also a great core workout which will compliment your pole dancing going forward.

Stretch Wednesdays 6:30pm. £4. No experience necessary. You don't need to be flexible to start. You will need: A yoga mat. substitute: it's fine to use the floor, but we can't SLIP. so use a towel under bony parts that may press into the floor, otherwise safer to use hands and feet directly on a hard floor. Carpet is fine! Yoga bricks. substitute: rolled up towel, books, firm pillow. Enough *space* around you to safely move on the mat.

May 2020 will be "Middle Splits May" - take some before&after pics and join in the challenge.

PoleFlow Thursdays 6:30pm. £5. Beginner/Improver-level and above. Requires secure pole and a couple of feet of space all around. We'll learn a sequence of moves to music. There will also sometimes be new beginner/improver moves to learn to include. We need to keep you safe so no inversions or anything that might need a spot.

If you would like access to our classes please email mail@360poledancing.com for details. You will need: ZOOM.us app/login, and a device with a camera so I can see you, and you can see me clearly.