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Bristol Clean Air Zone Information

You have probably seen the new Clean Air Zone (CAZ) in Bristol which started on 28th November 2022.

Bristol City Council tells us that the zone will help:

  • Improve air quality by reducing harmful levels of air pollution caused by traffic.

  • Make sure everyone benefits from a healthy environment.

The good news is that the 360 Pole Dancing Studio is located outside of the CAZ boundary, however you may need to check the map, and plan your journey to find the best route if your vehicle is chargeable. You can view the map here.

Unfortunately, one of the most obvious routes to the studio from the south, Malago Road, is CLOSED for at least a couple of *years* for important improvements to the area. It is imperative that you follow the specific diversion for this to avoid going into the zone on Coronation Road and Bedminster Bridge.


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