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Christmas Party 3rd December 2016

Festive shenanigans 2016.

Motto: What happens on the Xmas party... stays at the xmas party. Let's not talk about the male stripper in 2012, or someone getting removed from trying to dance on the stage at about 4am in 2013, someone actually getting INVITED to dance on stage for real in 2014, or the adopted Marine in 2015...

Timings VERY loose at the moment - subject to confirmation.

Come to all of it, or part of it!

But come and be part of it!

2:30pm-5:30pm - Private Hire of Strip Club URBAN TIGER.

Exclusive use of the club by us to play on the pole and in the dance room.

Dress up in your sexiest gear and bring your shoes!

TONS of photo opportunities!

Why not choose a dancer name/persona/alter-ego before we go, and we can get the DJ machine to announce everyone! If you choose a song you can do a freestyle too. Maybe make a video?

I'll bring the fake money again!

6-8pm - time to chill and get changed/do makeup etc. I propose going to the studio to do this since we have such a good mirror. You can leave your gear at the studio too. BYOB

(you can leave cars at the studio - free parking all weekend)

8:30pm - Dinner.

TBC - Will try to finalise this week!


Later - drinks. Bars on Corn Street.

Ending up at the club again, where they have really great drinks prices! Don't forget to bring some REAL money for your dance! It's only right to pay for the entertainment you receive from the ladies who created our art form. x

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