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Christmas Chaos 22nd December 2016

WAHOO! It's the end of term.

Let's mess about, just like on the last day of school.

ALL 360 Students welcome!!!

Join us for as much pole as you can handle. 6pm onwards on Thursday 22nd December.

DRESSING UP encouraged! Santa hats, Mrs Claus dresses, elves, reindeer, angels, even just some tinsel!

PARTY GAMES! Just like when you were 5. There will be fun games throughout the evening. Last year there were races and musical statues! Prizes to be won!

ROUTINE! Simple and fun routine to learn. Shall we say 8pm for the routine?

PHOTOBOOTH! We'll set up our pro camera on one of the poles with a backdrop, and you can click away and get some great personal and group shots.

PIZZA! This year pizza is INCLUDED and will be ordered for approx 9pm. We'll order a selection for all tastes! Soft drinks provided too!.

If you want to bring cakes/sweets/treats please do!

JUST £10 (pizza and drinks included!). Book on the website. Or cash in class! NON REFUNDABLE / NON TRANSFERABLE.

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