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Open Studios - 22-24 April 2016

BV Open Studios is a fantastic event held over a weekend, inviting members of the public to explore the maze-like warren of creative studios in our building and meet the many artists and creative types working here - it's not just about 360 Pole Dancing, it's the whole building! 360 Pole Dancing will be part of this again! We need VOLUNTEERS to come and play pole for FREE all weekend! Come for as much of the time as you want/can. You may end up talking to the general public about what we do, or showing off your skills! I just need as many as possible of you to come and have fun in the studio! This is an opportunity for you to bring your friends and show them what you've been up to! Also, anyone curious about pole dancing can come and have a look at what's involved! Saturday and Sunday - Andree and I will be offering "micro" lessons on the hour 12-4pm, in return for a donation to the studio equipment fund. Perfect if you want to introduce someone to pole for the first time. While you're here, you can explore the other artist spaces in the building, and see what goes on behind all those other doors. There's also a pop-up coffeeshop and cafe in the entrance hall. On the Friday night, there will be a BAR and a party in the entrance hall. The bar will close before 12, but after that we are planning to party in the studio until late! (Please #polesafe - don't drink and pole!) Friday: 6-9pm (party afterwards) Saturday: 11-5pm Sunday: 11-5pm IT'S FREE!


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