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January Sale!

JANUARY SALE! Kick start your new year! 12x PAYG Pole Classes PLUS 12x Stretch Classes *** £100!!! *** RRP £180! Offer available until 31/1/16 Valid on all PAYG Pole Classes (so if you can't make all of your usual class, you could book a different class that week - you're welcome to come to Mixed-Ability OR any Ability class at your level or below). Pole Classes expire 3 months (by date) after date of purchase. Unused classes will be lost. Stretch Classes only valid in Jan/Feb/Mar 2016 (even if you buy later in Jan) If you already have classes booked in 2016 and would like to book this, please email me for info! TO BOOK: email to pay by bank transfer. Or buy IN CASH in the studio. (not available online or card payment)


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