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Next Beginners Courses starting 14/15th May 2024! Register your info on the waiting list now, for priority booking.
Pole Dancing Lessons Bristol, students watch an instructor demonstrate a pole sit

At 360 Pole Dancing we offer a wide range of classes to suit every ability level. From complete Beginner to Advanced we've got the facilities and the experience to bring the best out of you.

3 Beginner Pole Dancers learn a cross-fireman spin from their instructor

Before booking, please ensure you have read and understood the relevant class information here on the website.

Pole Dancing Hen Party, 7 laughing women lie with their heads in a circle around the base of a pole, wearing pink feathers

Hen Party? Hen Do? Hen Night? Hen Weekend? Birthday Party? Girlie Afternoon? Divorce Party(!)? Why not celebrate and hold your event in Bristol with 360 Pole Dancing!

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