Studio Guide (with pictures!)


Please wear a face covering in all communal parts of the BV Studios building, this includes all corridors and bathrooms. You may remove your covering once into your pole space in our studio.


Soap & water is always the best thing before pole. We have hand sanitiser but it can leave a greasy residue and make you slip.

NHS Covid App advice:

Your instructor will always record your attendance in the studio, but we have our QR code ready for you to use if you want. (Be aware you will need to turn off the bluetooth proximity feature if leaving your belongings nearby to another student!)

Fabric pole cloths are for *during* class to stop you slipping. Please drop these in the hamper by the door as you leave. Use the provided blue roll for sanitising at the start and end of your session.

UPDATED: Although social distancing has been relaxed, please respect any other studio users' requests for space. Lines on the floor are remaining for now, but are just advisory!


Small clear bottle with ALCOHOL and BLUE ROLL for sanitising the POLE at both start and end of session. Use fabric cloth during class for grip.

UPDATED/OPTIONAL: Large white bottle with ANTI VIRAL SPRAY and BLUE ROLL for the FLOOR

Sanitising your floor space is optional, and a personal choice to keep yourself safe.