Proposed Reopening Roadmap

Covid-19 Update 22nd February 2021

After the government's announcement on 22nd Feb, I'm hoping that we are beginning to see a way back to dancing together in the studio. Here's the provisional plan going forward, of course this could all change, but let's try to stay optimistic!

NOW: Online Classes will continue in their current form until 11th April. These are all available to book online now, and your continued support of these is warmly appreciated!

April 12th: The studio could be open for individual training and limited private lessons. Online stretch classes will likely continue (possibly on a new timetable).

May 17th: Socially-distanced group classes should be able to return in similar format to autumn 2020. We may also be able to do parties for "rule-of-6" groups.

June 21st: Hopefully back to full timetable, and spotting, and hugging, and lap dancing and all the fun stuff!

Again, this is all provisional, and subject to change - I will wait until the official announcement that we can definitely go ahead before opening any bookings up, to avoid disappointment. It's likely, as in July 2020, that we will initially invite our existing students for classes, and later open spaces to new/external students once we are able. I don't have any additional news for you right now, and I will definitely be shouting from the rooftops when it's time to go!

I miss the studio, I miss my students, I miss celebrating your success, I miss watching you growing to love your bodies, I miss you supporting each other and the community we have. Wash your hands, and don't lick each other for a bit longer, and we can dance together soon.

Details of online classes currently available:

If you are interested in joining as a new student in 2021, please feel free to add yourself to the waiting list on the online booking system