Coronavirus Studio Policies Aug 2021

360 Pole Dancing – Updated Coronavirus Information and Policies

With the relaxation of social distancing, and the lifting of legal limits on gatherings, I'm pleased to announce that classes are back to full size, and we can begin to reintroduce some of our previous "normals". However Covid has not gone away, and the studio will continue to have some policies in place to keep everyone safe.

[document updated 16/08/2021]

  • It is requested, and expected of you to be taking your Lateral Flow Tests regularly, before coming to the studio for your classes each week. It is your responsibility to make sure you are not personally infectious before attending.

  • A face covering must be worn in all communal parts of BV Studios. This includes all corridors and the bathrooms. You may remove your face covering once into your pole space in the studio.

  • All group classes will now be for a maximum of 12 students, so 2 per pole maximum. Please email if you are vulnerable and would like to guarantee a pole/space to yourself.

  • Each pole has its own cleaning station containing disposable blue roll, alcohol spray (for the pole) and anti-viral spay (for the floor). You’ll be required to sanitise your pole at the start and end of every session. (Sanitising the floor is optional, and a personal choice at the start of your session)

  • Discounts for PAYG classes are back. £10 off when you buy 5 classes within a 6 week period. This is automatically applied at checkout. (if you do not want to be time-restricted, please purchase fewer than 5 classes at once).

  • Classes are now back to the full time of 75 minutes with 15 minute break between. However please do not arrive more than 10 minutes before your class, and please leave promptly afterwards.

  • The studio “lockers” and storage boxes, are back in use. Please keep your stuff tidy!

  • On arrival, you can choose a pole/space and it’ll be yours for the duration of the class.

  • Please remove your shoes in the changing area before moving onto the main studio floor.

  • The studio’s yoga mats, bricks and other shared equipment are available for use again. However you may still prefer to bring and use your own.

  • Fabric cloths are available one-per-person. These are for sweat, not sanitising. Please drop these in the hamper by the door when you leave. (Use the blue paper for sanitising at the start and end of class)

Please help us keep you safe:

  • Obviously, don’t come to the studio if you have a positive test, have any of the current indicator symptoms for coronavirus, if you have recently returned from abroad and need to quarantine, or if you are a close-contact of someone who has tested positive and you are not yet fully vaccinated.

  • Please get vaccinated when you are able.

  • On arrival in the building please wash your hands with soap & water at the ground floor toilets, before you come to the studio.

  • Face coverings should still be worn in all communal areas of BV Studios (all corridors and bathrooms). You may remove your face covering once into your pole space in the studio. The advice is still that face coverings should not be worn while exercising.

  • Respect any other users' requests for space, and please indicate to your instructor if you would prefer to keep your distance.

  • If you need to cough or sneeze, use the tissues provided in your cleaning station.

  • Use the bins provided for all disposable items, and drop used fabric pole cloths in the hamper.

360 Pole Dancing will:

  • Follow and promote compliance with the current Government guidance

  • Clean and sanitise the main studio floor, equipment, and touch points, daily before classes commence.

  • Provide clean and fresh pole cleaning cloths for each participant.

  • Provide cleaning materials for students to sanitise their own equipment before and after their class.

  • Provide hand sanitiser to be freely available at all times.

  • Reintroduce skills requiring safety mats and spotting once it is safe to do so.

  • Provide a QR code for NHS Covid-19 app check-ins.

Please note:

· The toilets and communal areas of BV Studios are not part of 360 Pole Dancing.