Coronavirus Pole Hire Policies 2021

360 Pole Dancing – Coronavirus

Step2 of UK Government unlocking from 12th April 2021 allows dance studios to be open for individual activity. [For full guidance click here] Indoor group activity/classes cannot go ahead until Step3 (May 17th at the earliest).

We're excited to be able to invite you back to train in the studio on an individual basis. Pole hire will be available for personal practice in pre-booked timeslots.

  • A face covering must be worn in all communal areas of BV Studios. This includes all corridors and the bathrooms. You may remove your face covering once into your pole space in the studio.

  • All pole hire sessions must be booked and paid in advance via the online booking system.

  • If you’re unable to attend, you can rearrange/transfer your session via the booking system up to 48 hours before the session with no penalty. After this time you’ll lose the class.

  • The studio “lockers”, storage boxes, and changing area will be out of use. Please come ready for class and bring a personal bag that is big enough to hold all of your clothes etc. Leave any unnecessary items at home or in your car. Please do not change in the toilets.

  • Please remove your shoes as you arrive in the studio.

  • Each pole has its own cleaning station containing disposable blue roll, anti-viral spay (for the floor) and alcohol spray (for the pole). You are required to fully wipe down your pole and floor space at the start and end of your session.

  • Hand sanitiser is available in the studio, and you are encouraged to use it frequently (for example when taking a drinks break).

  • The studio’s yoga mats, bricks and other shared equipment will not be available. You may like to bring your own mat for floor-based movements, stretching, and drills.

Please help us keep you safe:

  • Obviously, don’t come to the studio if you have recently developed any of the current indicator symptoms for coronavirus, if you live in a household with someone currently symptomatic, have recently returned from abroad and need to quarantine, or if you have been asked to isolate by NHS Test&Trace.

  • Come alone.

  • If you arrive more than 5 minutes before the start of your timeslot, please wait in your car or socially distanced outside.

  • On arrival in the building please wash your hands with soap & water at the ground-floor toilets before you come down to the studio.

  • Spotting should be for emergencies only. Do not put yourself in the position to require this!

  • No physical contact such as hugging or handshaking. Please also don’t share pole grip or other personal items.

  • No shouting or singing. We’ll have the music at a lower volume to help with this.

  • Face coverings must be worn in all communal areas of BV Studios (all corridors and bathrooms). You may remove your face covering once into your pole space in the studio. The advice is still that face coverings should not be worn while exercising.

  • Stay within your designated pole area and keep socially distant from other students in neighbouring areas. Do not walk through other user's spaces/squares even if no-one is currently using it.

  • If you need to cough or sneeze, use the tissues provided in your cleaning station.

  • Please leave promptly at the end of your session to avoid any cross-over in the studio or communal building areas.

Training rules:

  • You are responsible for your own warm up/cool down.

  • Be mindful of your current strength/ability if you have had time off pole.

  • Mats are not available.

  • Spotting will not be offered (unless in an emergency).

  • Do not train skills which you have not been taught by an instructor.

  • Do not offer advice on skills or attempt to teach other users.

  • An instructor will be supervising the sessions so please ASK for advice.

360 Pole Dancing will:

  • Follow and promote compliance with the current Government guidance

  • Use online booking to limit class numbers and enable social distancing within the studio.

  • Clean the main studio space and equipment daily before classes commence.

  • Provide clean and fresh pole cleaning cloths for each participant.

  • Provide cleaning materials for students to clean their own area and equipment before, during, and after their class.

  • Provide hand sanitiser to be freely available at all times.

  • Regularly clean and sanitise all touch points within the studio. (usually before/after each group).

  • Record attendances to support NHS Test&Trace efforts.

Please note:

· The toilets and communal areas of BV Studios are not part of 360 Pole Dancing.