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XPERT is a professional teacher training and a continuing education course. Participants receive a certificate indicating that they have successfully completed the 16-hour course and passed the written and practical exam portions of the training. 

Certified as an approved pole dance school by the Pole Dance Community.


Representing the highest level of professionalism and teaching quality.

The studio is FIVE years old! And we're having a celebration! Performers from all levels of our classes will be performing in our 8th studio show.

All our performers have chosen songs from the year they were born - it's turned into a guilty-pleasures playlist. You're go...

BV Open Studios is a fantastic event held over a weekend, inviting members of the public to explore the maze-like warren of creative studios in the building and meet the many artists and creative types working here.

360 Pole Dancing will be part of this again!

We will be...

Laura from Pointe Progression is bringing her Ballet expertise to 360 Pole Dancing. 

This 2-hour workshop is perfect if you want to improve the aesthetics of your pole dancing. 

Engaging groups of muscles to create clean lines, graceful movements and beautiful FEET t...

360 Pole Dancing - January Sale 2018

To celebrate the New Year in style - and to Celebrate EIGHT years of 360 Pole Dancing (our Birthday is 7th January!) we have some amazing DEALS for you! 

DEAL #1 
Buy your BEGINNERS and BEGINNERS PLUS courses in one go for JUST **...

Want to get back into pole? 
Been off for a while and don't know which class would be best? 
Didn't quite complete the Beginners Plus course, and feeling nervous about moving up? 
Want to move from Improvers up into Intermediate Pole?!
Just want to recap before jumping...

Workshops at 360 Pole Dancing with the Welsh Beauty LEAH ROSE CLARKE! 


BOTTOM HEAVY: Bottom Third Pole work
Why go to the top when you can do so much at the bottom?
Leah is known for her low pole style and in this workshop she will teach...

360 Pole Dancing's 7th student showcase!

Performances from current students of all levels and instructors.

The theme is "GOOD vs EVIL".

A fitting theme for spooky halloween time!

(So far it's looking pretty EVIL!)

Doors open from 6:30pm, show from 7-ish. Shouldn't be later...

Saturday 29th July at 360 Pole Dancing.

"Serpent Power is a place where you lose yourself to find yourself".

Serpent Power
This class is 50% floor work, 50% Pole with a Meditation at the end. Building on repetitive sequences to full songs.

This is THE class to take...

360 Pole Dancing was nominated and has been shortlisted for STUDIO OF THE YEAR at Pole World Festival 2017! 

As just a small studio, we're delighted to have made the final list, it makes all the hard work worth it to know that you all love what we've created too. 

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Finding Your Freestyle - Tracee Kafer Workshop - 6th Dec 2019

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